If an attendee requires a refund for their order you can refund their credit card in full at any time. Partial refunds can also be issued for individual tickets in an order.

Once a refund is processed the order will be marked as 'Refunded/Cancelled' in your Orders section. The ticket(s) will be removed from your Entrance List and Sales Reports.

1. Login to your Picatic account and select 'Manage' from your event listing menu.

2. Select 'Orders' from the left-side menu.

3. Search for the order you'd like to refund. 

To refund an order in full, open the 'Action' drop-down and select 'Refund'. Select 'Yes' when prompted to confirm this action.

To partially refund an order, open the 'Action' drop-down and select 'View'. Next, select the ticket(s) to be refunded within the order and then select 'Refund'. 

Select 'Yes' when prompted to confirm this action.

4. Once the order has been fully or partially refunded, the ticket buyer will automatically receive an email confirming this action. Depending on your buyer’s bank, he or she will see the refund show up anywhere between 5-10 business days later.

The refunded order will also be reflected in your connected Stripe account:

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