As the event organizer, you can update your attendees' order information (like first name, last name, company, and email address) and resend tickets. 

Editing ticket details

1. Login to your Picatic account and navigate to the Events list view

2. Open the action items menu on your event and select 'Manage'.

3. From the left menu select 'Entrance List'.

4. From your Entrance List, search for the attendee you would like to make changes to. Open the Actions item menu for the attendee and select 'Edit'.

5. Edit the attendees first name, last name, company, and/or email address and select 'Update'

6. To resend a ticket to an existing or new attendee navigate back to your Entrance List and search for the attendee. Open the Actions item menu and select 'Resend'.

Editing survey responses

Follow steps 1 through 5 above. Select the 'Survey Answers' tab.

You will then see a list of the attendee's survey responses. Any survey response can then be edited and updated.

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