Add members to your team and give multiple users access to your Picatic account. When a new user is added to your team they will be given access to Edit and Manage all listings within that team's account.

Creating a team and adding your team members

1. Login to Picatic and go to your account.

2. From your account, select Teams from the left panel.

3. Select Create a Team.

4. Enter your Team Information and select Save. The fields include:

Note: The information entered in the fields listed above will be shown on your team's public profile page.

5. Invite new members to your team.

Select Manage Members from the action icon and simply enter you team member's email address and select Invite.

An invitation email will be sent to your team members.

If the team member has an existing Picatic account, they can simply login and gain access to the Team account and the associated event listings.

If the team member does not have an existing Picatic account, they will need to sign up for a new account. When they complete their registration, they will gain access to the team account and the associated event listings.

Transferring existing events to your team

Existing events can be transferred from your personal Picatic account to your team account by:

1. Login to your Picatic account and select 'Transfer' from your event listing menu. 

2. Next, select the team you'd like event transferred to and then select 'OK'.

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