Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to view and produce in-depth analytics and evaluate your marketing efforts. Easily find out where your traffic is coming from and if they are converting on your event page.

Setup on Picatic

1. Login or create your Picatic account

2. Select Create an Event or select Edit on an existing event page

3. Select the Details panel and set your event’s unique URL

4. Select Save

Creating your UA code

Note: Be sure to finalize your event’s unique URL in the Event Info tab before creating your UA code in Google Analytics

1. Login to your Google Analytics account and select the "Admin" screen from the top menu

Select the Google Analytics account you want to track your event within.

From the property drop down, select Create new Property.

You will be creating a new Property to specifically track your analytics for events on Picatic. You can create a new property for each event, or use the same property for each event.

2. Configure your property to work within Picatic.

  • Select Website for the “What would you like to track?” question.
  • Next, give your property a memorable name.
  • For the website URL you can either use OR the unique URL to your event:

Note: It is important that you select “https” from the Website URL dropdown at left. All pages on are protected with SSL via HTTPS. Your analytics may not work correctly if you do not select HTTPS.

3. Select Get Tracking ID

Copy the Tracking ID (UA-XXXXXX-X) and paste it into the UA code box on your Picatic Google Analytics integration page and select Save.

What’s next?

Now that you’re all connected, you can begin to setup Google Analytics Goals & Funnels to analyze your traffic and conversions.

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