A Wait List is great for situations when tickets are not currently available for your event. For example:

  • After tickets have sold out, enable a Wait List and continue to capture potential guests for your event.
  • Before ticket sales begin, enable a Wait List to build up a list of potential guests and validate the success of your event.

Enabling a Wait List

1. Login to your Picatic account and select 'Edit' from your event listing menu or select 'Create Event' to start a new event listing.

2. Select the 'Tickets' panel from the Event Creator. Next, select the ticket type that you'd like to enable the Wait List for.

3. Scroll to the Wait List section and select 'Enable'.

*Note: When this ticket reaches capacity, the Wait List option will automatically become available to your guests. If you'd like to utilize a Wait List before ticket sales start for your event, set the ticket status to 'Closed'.

Managing your Wait List

Guests who register for the Wait List will be tracked in your Wait List report. You can access this report from your event's Manage dashboard.

When spots become available, you can release tickets to anyone who’s on the Wait List by selecting 'Invite'. 

The potential guest will then receive a notification to claim their spot at your event. The guest will have up to 48-hours to complete their order.

The status of a guest on the Wait List is as follows: 

  • Waiting – A guest that has been newly added to the Wait List
  • Invited – A guest that has received an invite to claim their spot
  • Registered – A guest that has claimed their spot and completed their order
  • Expired – A guest that did not complete their order within the 48-hour limit
  • Revoked – A guest that has been revoked from the Wait List
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