Survey questions can be asked in 3 formats – text area (long answer), fill in the blank (short answer), multiple choice (select one option), or multiple answers (select multiple options) – and responses can be made optional or required.

To add a survey to your event registration:

1. Login to your Picatic account and select 'Edit' from the event listing menu or select 'Create Event' to start a new event listing.

2. Select the 'Settings' panel from the Event Creator. Next, select 'Create Survey'.

3. Add a name for your survey and then select Add Question

Provide Your Question, mark the question as Required or not, and select the answer Type (text area, fill in the blank, multiple choice, or multiple answers). Add additional questions as needed to your Survey.

5. Once you have finished adding questions to your Survey, you'll need to assign the survey to the corresponding ticket(s) on your event page.

*Note: You can create and assign a separate survey for each ticket type on your event page or assign the same survey to multiple ticket types. The assigned survey and questions will appear during checkout:

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