All check ins and event data are synced and updated in real-time with Picatic, so you can use multiple Android and iOS devices at different entry points.

How to scan tickets and check guests into your event

1. Download the Picatic Check-in app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2. Sign in and connect to wifi

Open the Picatic app on your Android or iOS device and sign in using your Picatic username and password. Select the event you will be checking guests into.

*Note: If you're looking to connect additional devices to Picatic Check-In, please see this help article.

Check in guests using the barcode scanner

3. a) Select 'Scan' to launch the barcode scanner. The scanner uses your device’s camera to detect and read the barcode found on your guest's ticket. Center the barcode in your camera’s viewfinder and scan the ticket QR code.

Note: If you're in a dark venue, tap the flashlight icon in the top-left corner while on the scan screen.

  • Select "Info" in the menu bar (bottom right)
  • Select "Scanner Flashlight" to turn on the flashlight
  • Select back (top left) to navigate back to the scanner

Check in guests by name

3. b) Select 'Search' to check guests in by name. Search for the guest's first or last name and swipe right to check them into your event.

4. You can view the number of checked in guests by navigating to the Check In page on the Picatic app.

To see a full list of guests that were checked into your event, you can also download your entrance list CSV file. The column 'Checked In' will read 'Yes' for guests that were checked in using the app and 'No' for guests that were not checked in.

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