Access codes allow you to create password-protected hidden tickets reserved for sponsors, employees, volunteers, media, etc. Hidden tickets will only become visible when an access code is entered.

*Note: To create an access code, you must first have a hidden ticket created on your event page.

Create a hidden ticket or hide an existing ticket:

  1. You can hide a ticket type by clicking the Edit button in the upper right corner on the Promo Code page (or from your event's edit page)
  2. Select Tickets from the side menu bar
  3. Select the ticket type you would like to hide
  4. Change the status of the ticket from Open to Hidden
  5. Select Save

1. Go to your event's Manage page

To create an access code, first you’ll have to sign up for a free Picatic account or log in to your existing Picatic account and create an event.

Once you've created an event page, select Manage from your event preview or your event's Edit page.

2. Go to Promo Codes under Promotion 

From your event’s Manage page, select Promo Codes from the menu on the left side of the page.

3. Select Create Promo Code

4. Setup the access code details 

Code: This is the promotional code that you’ll provide to your attendees to use when they purchase tickets on Picatic.

Applies To: Which of your hidden ticket types this access code applies to

Discounted Price: This is the new price of your ticket. The discounted price can be the same as the ticket price.

Limit: Number of tickets in total that can be purchased with this promo code. 0 is unlimited.

Starts: The date your access code will become valid

Ends: The date your access code is valid until

Tip: Once you’ve created an access code, you’ll see a link/URL at the bottom of the page with your access code embedded in it. Anyone clicking this link will be taken to your event page, where the access code will be auto-filled and the ticket price already reduced. You can test this functionality by clicking the name of the access code from the main Promo Codes screen. This will redirect you to your event page where the access code will automatically be applied to the ticket.

5. Select Save

You can view, pause, edit, or delete any of the promo codes you’ve created by clicking on Promo Codes from the left menu of your event’s manage page. This page will also show you how many times each promo code has been used so you can easily track how well each is performing.

6. Track your progress

Once you've created and saved an access code, you can select the name of the code while on the Promo Codes screen to view, pause, or edit the access code.

You can also track the usage of each access code and see which registrants used a promo code during registration.

Create an access code that applies to multiple tickets

1. Follow the above steps to create your first access code

2. Create an additional promo code with the same promo-code-name as your first and apply it to a different ticket type

*Tip: The same promo-code-name can be used on any number of access codes. This gives you the ability to create event-wide or multi-ticket access codes. When the access code is entered by the registrant, the corresponding tickets will become discounted.

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