It only takes a few clicks to integrate with Slack. Once connected you'll be able to share or create an event and begin collecting RSVPs instantly, without leaving Slack.

Adding Picatic to your Slack workspace

1. Go to the Picatic Slack app page and select 'Install'.  

2. Select the Slack team(s) you'd like to add Picatic to. 

3. Sign into Picatic. 

Authenticate Slack with your Picatic API key

1. Type /picatic auth in any Slack channel.

2. Next, navigate back to your Picatic account and create a new Picatic API key.

3. Copy and paste the API key into the authentication modal in Slack and select 'Authenticate'.

Our Slack commands work in any channel

Type /picatic create  to begin creating a new Picatic event.
Type /picatic help  to pull up your list of commands in Slack.

Creating your event in Slack

Using the Slack command /picatic create enter the following details for your event:

  • Event Name - This is the title of your event
  • Start Time - The time and date your event takes place (format is YYYY-MM-DD-HH:mm)
  • Duration - The length of your event (ex. 2h 30m)
  • Location - The event location and venue

After you have created an event, you will receive a message from the Picatic Event bot to add your tickets.

Select '+ ticket' and enter your ticket details:

  • Ticket Name - The name of your ticket (ex. RSVP)
  • Ticket Price - If your ticket is free, enter '0' (paid tickets must be greater than $3)
  • Ticket Quantity - The amount of tickets available of this type

Here's how your event will appear in Slack

When the Picatic Event app has been installed in Slack you can share any Picatic event URL.

The notification will appear in the Slack channel you share your Picatic event URL in with selectable buttons for your members to register.

Guests that register in Slack will receive their ticket as a direct message from the Picatic Event Bot. The ticket can then be viewed, printed, saved, or added to Apple Wallet.

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