Picatic Anywhere is the easiest way to add ticketing to your Squarespace site. It works within Squarespace – allowing attendees to pay instantly. No technical skills required.

To add the Anywhere embed code to Squarespace:

1. From your Squarespace dashboard select Settings > Advanced > Code Injection.

2. Copy this script and paste it into the Code Injection in Squarespace.

<script async src="https://widget.picatic.com/latest/js/embed.min.js" id="picatic-widget-script"></script>

4. In Picatic, navigate to Manage > Embeds. Then copy your Picatic Event URL.
Example: https://www.picatic.com/136476

5. From your Squarespace dashboard, open the page where you want to add the Anywhere embed on.

6. Add a Button Block to your Squarespace page and paste your Picatic Event URL as the Clickthrough URL.

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