*Note: While the beta has been thoroughly tested internally, this feature may contain unexpected bugs. 

To request access to this beta, please contact our team at support@picatic.com.

Once your request for beta access has been approved, you will receive an email from BuddyBuild with instructions to download and install a beta version of the Picatic mobile app.

1. If you have downloaded a previous version of the Picatic mobile app, you must delete it from your device before proceeding. This step is crucial.

Also ensure that your device is updated to the latest iOS or Android version. If there are any pending updates the beta will not install on the device.

2. On your mobile device, open the email from BuddyBuild and select 'Install On Your Device'.

*Note: If you are using Inbox by Gmail on an iOS device, you'll need to tap the Safari icon in the bottom-right corner to open the page in Safari.

3. Select 'Register Your Device'

4. Select 'Download and Install'

5. Once you've installed the beta version of the Picatic mobile app, simply open the app and login to your Picatic account.

Next, select your event from the list, and then select 'Sell'. 

6. Select the ticket type and quantity and then select 'Checkout' to proceed.

7. Enter the guest's details and select 'Pay'

8. Scan the guest's credit card or manually enter the their credit card details and select 'Pay'

If you are using the credit card scan method, place the card within the scanner view. When positioned correctly the corners will turn green. 

The scanner will automatically read and copy the credit card number and expiry date to the payment form. The CVC (located on the back of the credit card) will need to be entered into the payment form manually. 

Once the payment is processed, the guest will be automatically added to your entrance list and checked-in to your event. They will also receive an order confirmation to the email address provided during checkout. 

Reporting bugs and providing feedback

To report bugs and provide feedback in-app, press the home and lock buttons on your device simultaneously. 

Tap and drag to highlight an area for feedback. Add as much detail as possible to define the issue and select 'Send'.

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